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From the jungle to your plate!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to know how do we produce and dry our fine vanilla from our farms in Mexico to the final destination worldwide, it could be anywhere from a fine restaurant or a premium cosmetic boutique, to a local pastry shop. In this blog post we’ll share the traditional art of drying our vanilla beans. It all starts in the jungle inside the farms wich we have been taking care of for more than 4 years to produce a quality crop, our farmers work really hard throughtout the year looking at each plant independenlty because between the months of march and april local pollination of the vanilla orchids starts, leading by the farmers to pollinate by hand more than 90% of our total vanilla production, the other 10% is pollinated by bees and other insects, some farmers can polliante more than a thousand flowers in one day, due to the extensive time and labor maturing the beans mexican vanilla is considered the most exquisite around the globe.

Artisanal drying and curing process

Selected beans are placed in the sun each morning for days or even months, after the slow process we placed them in large special wood boxes to allow the beans to sweat before developing more than 250 natural flavors, the objective of the final curing steps are designed to preserve and form premium flavor compunds, it takes us over a one year process from pollination to exportation... so now you know how we produce and take care of our vanilla !

From Mexico with love.

We are proud to share with you only the finest... thats why you arent just buying the best vanilla in the world, you are buying a piece of Mexicos soul, a moment of someones life, but most importantly you are buying the farmer more time to do something they are passionate about

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