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Vanilla origins in Mexico many years ago, our ancestors cultivated this amazing orchid for many centuries but it was first introduce to the world when the Spanish royalty conquest arrieved with Cortez at

the end of the 15th century ...


We are a company based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, pioneers in the industry, dedicated to the artisanal production  and storage of vanilla, cacao, honey and other mexican spices, offering organic products from the countryside, our main goal is to support small producers and preserve the traditions of our agricultural heritage providing the costumers a premium quality product. 


Each providing plan with our costumers is based on their needs of quality and quantity each season to ensure your expectations on time, we represent and work directly with more than 250 farmers around the country.

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More about Orchid Vanilla...


Artisanal flavors straight from the origin.

Heritage and tradition.

50 years followed by 

the rhythm of nature

Tropical Leaves